Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season as much as anyone is capable of enjoying the holiday season.

I had some fun with my family in snowy Upstate New York:

Dante with Snowman

But now it’s back to the grind.

A quick note about the grind as it relates to this blog. I manage special events and individual giving at a small arts nonprofit in New York City. With our big annual fundraising gala coming up in March, I’ll be pretty busy over the next two months.┬áSo please. Don’t be alarmed if/when you notice fewer new posts.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

About Dante Rasera

Originally from Upstate New York, I live in Brooklyn, New York, where I work in development at a nonprofit organization that provides arts education for New York City public school students. I graduated with a degree in creative writing from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. During my time there, I studied literature at the University of Edinburgh and was awarded the Thomas E. Meehan Prize in Creative Writing.
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