Who Inspires You?

I’m inspired by people who are inspired. When you’re around the right people, you can feel their inspiration. You can feed off it.

I’m uninspired, even discouraged, by people who are uninspired. They make me feel like it’s OK to be uninspiring too.

I think that’s part of the reason the inferi are so frightening in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. There are so many of them, and it’d be so easy to give up, to let them pull you down, to join them.

Inferi Dragging Down Harry Potter

Your gut almost convinces you it’d be better if you went with them than if you fought them.

I like keeping a list of people who inspire me. Some of them I know, some of them I don’t. Some are real, others fictional. When I’m feeling discouraged, I look at the list and think about these people, about the example they set with their own lives.

Who inspires you?

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Originally from Upstate New York, I currently live in Charlottesville, Virginia, where I'm an MBA student at the Darden School of Business. This summer, I'm interning at Red Hat, the open source technology leader. Prior to business school, I studied creative writing at Hamilton College and received the Thomas E. Meehan Prize in Creative Writing.
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